Business Bankruptcy

We have extensive experience for over 40 years in working with business owners.

Business owners work long and hard, invest time, creativity and personal assets in their business.  Many have personally guaranteed business loans, used credit cards, even pledged their homes and utilized retirement funds to keep their business going.  Yet, despite all of this and for a variety of reasons, things are not working out as intended.  Business owners want to do the right thing but at times don’t know what to do.

The business climate has affected many business owners. Even beginning signs of an economic recovery may not be enough to erase years of accumulated debt.  There are ways to resolve these problems that are fair and equitable to all. Timing is often the key to an effective plan. Important options can be lost by delay.  It is never too early to find out. Learn about the tools that are at your disposal.  Every successful business has found that it pays to get the right help when it is needed.

We have found that a critical factor in helping a company through difficult financial situations is ensuring management fully understands the tools at its disposal to fix those problems at the earliest signs of trouble. Bankruptcy, in the right circumstances, can be used to help struggling companies not only survive, but emerge as stronger, more competitive businesses. That is why we help our clients evaluate the risks, benefits and implications of both bankruptcy filing and various other alternatives.

Business Solutions

Business challenges can arise in a variety of different circumstances that can be resolved in a number of different ways.  Bankruptcy is not the only alternative. We have the experience to customize the solution to your particular business needs. Negotiations, alternative dispute resolution or litigation may be appropriate depending on the situation. We are prepared to provide a broad range of non-bankruptcy business solution alternatives.

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